Little girl with out of oversized shoes Collection tailored to the area.

I exist to help you fit the collection to the managed area.

In the era of digitization and Industry 4.0 paradigm, waste collection routing is still based on static elements -such as the bins location- and subjective ones -like driver’s experience-.

This leads to a routine and static planification. This kind of scheduling is conservative because is not based on the real loading speed of each bin. Collection must be performed before bins are full or worse, over loaded.

Periodic scheduling, as it is now conceived, requires the presence of buffers, creating redunduncy in the service. During the routing, it’s common to understimate the bins load capacity and thus, to plan poorer collections than the ones actually needed. All of this, because the planning can’t be based on the bin’s real productivity.

I come to revolutionize this paradigm: with my powerfoul IA system, I can continuosly monitor the city’s needs. I allow companies to fit the route planing with the city’s real collection needs. I’m a smart solution that will simplify the work of your company, reducing costs and improving the quality of the service you provide to the Municipalities.

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Are you sure to know the area managed by your company?

So many companis say yes to this question, but then find out a shocking surprise: they don’t know that much of their assets, like trucks or bins aren’t working efficiently.

Some of the most common situations include:

  • missing or broken RFID tag on the bins;
  • bins that have been relocated due to construction sites;
  • improperly numerated bins;
  • collecting overflowing bins;
  • collecting empty bins;
  • vehicle maintenance not performed;
  • Non-calibrated devices on the trucks.

These types of situations generate the design of poor and suboptimal collection routes. This means a serious problem for the company, impacting directly on the service costs, even in the short term.

Waste collection problems can be classified in four main categories:

Collection trucks unfit for the designed routes. This happens when trucks are outsized either for the collection or for the area characteristics. This leads to unjustified costs increments and a higher impact on the traffic.

Collection trucks unfit for the planning routes.

Poorly designed collection routes

Poorly designed collection routes that can saturates trucks loading capacity too early. Driving overloaded trucks causes problems with the Highway Code and can damage the equipments.

Stablishing a suboptimal service, due to contracts based on periodicity that forces companies to collect even when the bins are empty and located far away. Or maybe a fleet routing system not able to manage the real resources availability, taking into account straordinary situations, such as maintenance or strikes.

Definition of a suboptimal service.

Not including the characteristics of the area on the route planning.

The route planning doesn’t include the dynamics of the area, such as construction sites, deviations or the the reachability of certain locations.

Recognize yourself with any of these issues? You are in the right place

My service is a fully scalable and easy to implement solution that will allow you to have a collection that trully fits your area. Give your company an intelligent and easy to understand tool that will help you to provide customers, citizens and municipalities not only a high quality service, but also an efficient and low cost one.

Too much data and few results. Waste collection that fit the territory.

Too much data and few results?

Today, many companies use powerful computer systems and high-tech devices on their vehicles and on their bins to monitor the city. An incredible amount of data is generated, collected and stored in the systems every day. However, managers barely have the time or tools to make the most of this data and make it useful for improving planning, management and control.

A proper management of this data may require additional investment. This results in additional costs, reducing the initial benefits proposed by the current systems.

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Get the most of your data

That’s why I’m here, iTOi. I’m a system based on the latest data analytics technologies. I’m able to make the most of the company’s information to create new predictive models for collection. I improve the maintenance process, reacting promptly to disruptions and planing with foresight.

Inputs to improve your work will include data about each collection vehicle’s operation, bins weight and filling rate and the traffic situation.

For the first time, you can be confident that your data will deliver real optimization, improving your operations and reducing your costs.

Smart collection. Waste collection that doesn't fit the area.

It’s time for a collection that trully fits the served area. It’s time for a smart collection!

With my help, waste collection becomes smart, based on the current behavior and needs of the managed area. No more spreadsheets and semi-automated management systems! They offer only partial or unclear solutions that ignore the dynamic behavior of the area, season by season!

I’ve been developed by a team of digitalization and process optimization specialists and combine the latest big data analysis and AI technologies to offer a totally innovative system (patent pending) to the key players in the industry.

Ready to take

your company into the future?