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If waste management is your business, improving processes is mine.

I’ve been created to give your company an innovative solution for waste management control. I help you to do it in an optimal way, reducing costs and improving the service quality provided to the Municipalities.

The inputs of my AI system are the information collected from the trucks and the company’s best practices. Then, it studies each bin and private customer productivity in order to plan new routes based on the their real needs.

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Are you looking for a new waste collection management system?

When making a decision, you need accurate, complete, and reliable information. A true dashboard that allows you to guide your company towards the Industry 4.0.

As ITOI, I analyze your operating data continuously, providing you with key insights to run your business and improve your revenue. My BI system adapts to your real needs.

Forget about generic or chaotic charts and graphs that say little about the company’s true performance. Having too much data without the right analysis can slow down your decisions, making you waste your time and opportunities.

waste management system Cost reduction.

Improve your company’s performance and administration

Reduce operating costs by up to 25% by improving the waste collection management systems and optimizing your routing. My new technology is based on the data collected from the trucks and the analysis of past collection patterns. It doesn’t use any fragile sensor placed inside the bins. This reduce the initial investment and ensures you a payback in a just a few months.

My technology is fully scalable and can be implemented to any type of waste, city and contract type (public or private).

waste management system Data analysis

ITOI is compliant with Local Regulations!

Thanks to a constant monitoring of the area, we guarantee full transparency and regulatory compliance. I allow you to reduce the costs associated with accounting and management of traditional waste collection cycles.

Improve transparency and communication with Municipalities by providing more accurate information.

Are you ready

to take your company to the future?