iTOi is the result of a more than 5 years R&D process. The pillars of this work have been the cost optimization and the reduction of the environmental impact of the waste collection industry, a key player of the circular economy. This way, it was possible to develop an innovative solution able to meet waste collection companies requirements.

iTOi is an IA project made possible thanks to the participation of different actors, including the most important R&D centers of the Piemonte Region.

iTOi has been developed by moltosenso, an ICT Consulting firm leader in Italy and CIDIU Group.

moltosenso specializes in digitization and process optimization. With more than 10 years of experience, the company has a complete set of digital solutions for the waste collection industry.

The Gruppo Cidiu works in the waste management industry, providing collection, treatment and disposal of waste to more than 250 thousand citizens, as well as private services for companies and citizens.

Through the activities of waste collection and disposal, the Cidiu Group commits to improve the quality of the urban area and citizens’life. Cidiu Group works with the most advanced technologies to ensure the livability of the environment.

Thanks to its continuous investment in R&D and data analytics technologies and a deep commitment to provide quality and real value to its customers, moltosenso stands as a reliable partner for companies that choose to embark on the transition to Industry 4.0.

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