Management and cost reduction.

Costs reduction

The new schedules are dynamic, maximizing the operating time of each collection truck. This significantly reduces the vehicles operating and maintenance costs.

The new routes are designed to meet the real needs and characteristics of the area and more. They consider the company’s available resources, such as the truck size, variation in driver shifts, etc..

A fully customized solution that optimizes the operating time of each collection truck.

Using AI it is possible to identify the real needs of the local area without installing any sensors in the bins, that lead to higher installation costs and require regular maintenance.

My system allows you to optimize your current asset without installing extra devices.

Improve your company’s performance and pay back your investments in just a few months.

Lights on the street.

Knowledge of the local managed area

Collection routes are usually defined taking into account the municipalities’s requirements and the drivers’s experience. The question is, what would happen if the system would also consider citizens behavior?

As iTOi, I provide a powerful tool for real-time analysis of citizen behavior and waste production seasonality. I give reliable information to the waste collection companies, allowing them to accurately analyze the efficiency level of each collection shift.

Thanks to the continuous generation of data, iTOi’s results reflect the dynamic characteristics of the area, as well as the availability of your company’s resources (drivers and vehicles).

That’s is why I’m smart: I’m constantly learning and providing an increasingly efficient collection route every day.

On-board navigator. Technology developed for the industry

Technology developed for the industry

Over the years, many companies in waste collection industry committed to continuous technological innovation. The modernization and installation of new technology has improved the sector’s ability to meet the market needs and, more importantly, to comply with regulations concerning safety, the decorum of public spaces and the accountability of operations.

Since much of this technology comes from other industries, it wasn’t specifically developed to efficiently address waste collection needs. This creates a technology gap that could be difficult to solve.

Vehicles with on-board computers, navigators, cameras, smart bins and management software are uncoordinated examples of the digitization of waste collection industry.

With me, you can finally have a real technological ecosystem, developed by professionals of the industry.

Industry 4.0

Waste management and Industry 4.0

Waste collection is about changing the location of secondary raw materials that are stored in a place of primary importance for generating value. As iTOi, I contribute to move these materials for the stakeholders who will then transform them into products.

With this in mind, I provide you with predictive information of the production flows of secondary raw materials. I give you the ability to monitor all sort of process deviations: temporal traffic deviations, seasonal variations in the bin productivity, measurement errors due to not-calibrated systems and missing collections. I also learn from the data to model and simulate the collection process in future.

Tell me: how great is it to invest in a solution that saves you money and makes your job easier?


Data on the screen.

Technology for your local area

My technology has been designed considering the specifics of the industry and, most importantly, the people who need clear and reliable information about the service status every day.

As iTOi, I allow you to analyze the different databases of bins placed in the area and to find the differences with the executed routes: bins moved, damaged or without identification.

Thanks to a simple and integrated process, I can perform for you the final balance of the collection and split it by area or by served Municipality. Everything in one click, allocating with precision the amount of waste collected and the man hours to each customer served.

Management control

Local Regulations compliant

+ trasparency

+ traceability

– bureaucracy

My monitoring system helps your company to have total control over the operations executed on your area.

My BI system brings you a single dashboard with accurate and reliable information that you can communicate transparently to your stakeholders: citizens, boards of directors, investors, municipalities and government regulators.

I adjust myself to your company’s current billing system, improving operations transparency and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

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