How I work?

I’m alwasys moving, with no rest. I’m always ready to learn more about the area I serve so I can adjust myself to the citizen’s future behavior.

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The shift just ended, you must be so tired, it’s time for you to knock off and for me to get back to work for you! There are a couple of issues related to the shift that keep me busy so I can give you the best service possible: I must allocate the collected waste and man hours for each client.
Now is time to take a look at vehicle maintenance. Weighing systems are very useful, but they have to give me accurate information. I can tell you when you’ll need to recalibrate your system.


I verify that the resources registered on my database match with those on the served area. I base my analysis on previous days’ shifts and drivers’ collection behavior. In case I see invalid data, I will suggest you to check the bins or to proceed with a on-flied check using my tag reader.
Now comes my favorite part: using historical data to refine the fill rate for each container. I am not lying to you when I say that I love to collect each container in a way that it will never overflow and will be collected at the right time. If that’ s not true care…


In order to plan well, I should be sure that the streets are feasible and that the time constraints you set for me are met. Thus, I double check that your inputs are actually accurate, taking also into account every constraint you set on my system: I won’t ask you to pass in front of a school at a wrong time!


Now, go! I’ m ready to provide you with the scientifically best routing based on who and how you need to serve. Then, I indicate to you how you should execute the upcoming shifts so you can save as much money as possible. If we work as a team and you entrust my shifts to your best people, you’ll bring home a great result!


Now it’s your turn to go on the ground: are you telling me, though, that you are afraid that the drivers will get confused with new and different routes all the time?
Let’s do it this way: give them my tablet, I’ll guide them step by step through the collection, while getting some useful information from the field. Which one? I may, for example, check that the tags are all working well or that the bins are in the right position. I may go so far as to warn the driver that he is getting the wrong bin, risking to contaminate the whole collection! I’ m so empathetic that I even have the driver trust me with the reason for any missed pickup so I can decide when to reschedule. If I then have the bin weight data, I can solve the overloading problem for you and save the driver penalties from the traffic police.
Tell me: am I not the best?

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What’s are my benefits?

Costs reduction

Smart collection

Less environmental impact

Tailored Solution

Benefits: costs reduction.

Costs reduction

The new routes are dynamic, maximizing the operating time of each collection vehicle in the territory. This significantly reduces vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

Without installing new devices or sensors on the bins, ITOI’s technology allows you to monitor the bin productivity trend and identify the optimal time to collect them.

The optimal route planning and the continuous monitoring of the bins, lead to a reduction of management costs and a simplified reporting. This also guarantees transparency and a complete control over the assets of the company.

Benefits: smart collection

Smart collection

Waste collection is finally smart!

I schedule the collection based on the served area real needs. My AI system monitors and analyze the citizen behavior and the data provided by the collection trucks. In this way, I’m able to detect potential periods of seasonality and make the best use of the collection trucks.

I predict the filling level of each bin without installing any additional device. Plus, I plan new routes ensuring the lowest possible operating and managing costs. My non-stop data analysis helps me to learn and to continuously adapt in a dynamic way.

No more collection of overflowing or empty bins.

Benefits: Less environmental impact

Less environmental impact

The waste collection system is currently responsible for 5% of CO2 emissions (**), generated directly by collection vehicles and by the increased traffic caused in large urban centers.

Using optimized and dynamic routes, I can help you reduce the operating time of each collection vehicle, avoiding the emissions of up to 3.400 tons of CO2 per year.

Less time spent by vehicles on the territory generates important benefits for the environment, reducing traffic jams and giving more space for citizens to move around.

Benefits: Tailored solution

Tailored solution

I was conceived to be customized based on the waste fractions, the area characteristics and the type of collection system (kerbside, door-to-door, contracts with non-residential people, etc.).

You can choose an incremental implementation of the service. This will ensure that your staff can gradually adapt to the new technology and that you can recoup your investment in short time.

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